Welcome to St. James Church!

To all who are young and need counsel; 
to all who are grateful and want to pray; 
to all who are strong and want a task; 
to all who are fearful and are looking for a home; 
to all who are weary and need a rest; 
to all who are lonely and want companionship; 
to all who mourn and need comfort; 
to all who are joyous and want to give thanks; 
to all who are sinful and need a Savior; 
to whosoever will; 
this church opens wide its doors and, 
in the name of Christ our Lord, says 

All are Welcome at St James
All are Welcome at St James

Episcopal Church, Groveland

Bishop Gayle visit 2017
Bishop Gayle visit 2017
Bishop Gayle visit
Bishop Gayle visit
Bishop Gayle 3 visit 2017
Bishop Gayle 3 visit 2017
Bell choir
Bell choir

at St James

Palm Sunday Lego project
Palm Sunday Lego project
Lego project younger grades
Lego project younger grades
Lego Project older grades
Lego Project older grades

It takes Concentration

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AA Meeting

Every Wednesday, Friday, 7:00 PM - 8:30 PM

AA Meeting


Dinner is served @ Mitch's Place

Last Saturday of the month, 5:00 PM - 7:00 PM

All those wishing to participate in this ministry should speak with Mark Prescott and/or see the sign-up sheet in the parish hall.


Service of Holy Eucharist

Every Sunday, 9:30 AM - 10:45 AM


Holiday Fair 2017!

Saturday, November 11, 2017, 12:00 AM


St. James Holiday Fair!

Yearly on November 12, 9:00 AM - 2:00 PM

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Inviting, Forming, Sending, Serving...

Our Mission

By listening and being open to God's word, St. James invites and welcomes people to the abundant and transforming life of Jesus Christ.We affirm the sacred worth of All God's creation.
[Created by the Strategic Planning Team and Vestry, February 2013]


Welcome to St. James!

If you find yourself here on this page, you are probably either a parishioner looking for information about a program or event and thought you’d simply look online, OR you are checking us out as a possible spiritual and faith home.

Welcome to you both!

St. James Episcopal Church prides itself on being a smaller, friendly, community-oriented spiritual haven for all who seek God and the knowledge of God’s love throughout all points in their lives. We are not all alike—in religious background, politics, spirituality or demographic! However, we come together to worship the God, who in the person of Jesus Christ, demonstrated how love breaks down divisions and binds seekers of that love together.
     St. James was known as a pilgrim—one who valued the journey over the destination. We are a community of pilgrims, experiencing all the highs, lows, and in between points of life and faith. We commit to serving others in the name of Christ, partaking in the Eucharist together and discerning the presence of the Spirit and where she is taking us!
     Join us for a service on Sunday. Or over several Sundays (and Bean Suppers!) to see the breadth of who we are and what we believe. We know that we cannot be everything to everyone! But we welcome those who pop in during their own journey, and those who come and walk awhile with us.
     Blessings to you and your journey, wherever it may lead you!

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See St James Video: God's Urgent Call

See St James Video: It Gets Better

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