Life at St. James

Our Ministries

Altar Guild: Members of the Altar Guild are ministers of the liturgy. This ministry involves preparing the worship space with the furnishings, vessels, elements, linens, and altar and pulpit hangings used in the liturgy.

Buildings and Grounds:  Responsible for the oversight and maintenance of buildings and grounds. Under Construction  Mark P. & John Cole

Choir and Music Program:

"Lift every voice and sing!" Our choir practices each Tuesday at 6:45 pm and all levels of voice talent and experience (and range) are welcome.

We have a small, but active and enthusiastic choir which enhances our worship at the 9:30 AM service weekly and on special occasions. As an alternative to Anglican Hymns, Larry and Pat sometimes present music based in our American roots, including bluegrass and  folk, and occasional Negro spirituals and praise selections.

As well as leading the congregation in singing the hymns and canticles, special settings of the Communion service and anthems are also done as part of the worship service.

The mainstay of St. James' music is our excellent organist who has many years of experience. The recently restored, 129 year old Woodberry and Harris hymnplayer organ is a tracker pipe organ, designed and built to accompany choir, soloist or congregational singing.

Christian Formation, Evangelism & Media:

  • Church School provides learning and growing opportunities through classroom-based curriculum for preschool through 8th grade.  Youth Sundays are participatory; multi generational Eucharist is celebrated monthly, generally, the first Sunday of the month.

  • Adult Formation includes book studies, Bible studies, retreats and other similar programs  We are always exploring who God is calling us to be and what God is calling us to do.  Our baptismal covenant (click here) forms the foundation for how we relate to each other and how we are ministers to the world.  We actively live out our responsibility to our local and international neighbors and to each other through our missions and programs (click here)

  • Evangelism & Media helps us to share our St. James experiences with the world.  The Media team helps with community listings, signage, Constant Contact, church and special events information.

Eucharistic Visitors Ministry:  The Eucharistic Visitors take communion to people unable to attend church because of special circumstances.  These people may be unable to attend on a permanent basis or may be absent for a shorter period, due to illness, hospitalization, etc.  We usually make individual visits, but sometimes go as a team.  The EVs are trained by a diocesan representative.  This is a most rewarding ministry for the person visited and the visitor and we are always in need of more people.

Finance:  The Finance Committee oversees the financial matters of the congregation. It prepares the annual budget, supports the treasurer, reviews expenses vs. income during the year, facilitates an annual audit, promotes planned giving, and supervises the congregation's investments.  In the coming year, the Finance Committee plans to develop an organized planned giving program.  Many resources are available at the Episcopal national level to help with this.  A special event will be held to present planned giving possibilities to the congregation.  This will be an ongoing emphasis of great importance to St. James' future.

Healing Touch Ministry: The purpose of the healing touch ministry is to facilitate the integration of healing in the spirit, mind and body, with the primary focus being the spirit. Healing Touch sessions are offered following The Pilgrimage Mind-Body-Spirit Healing Process, developed by Episcopal priest, Rev. Tanya Beck and Marilyn Gatlin.  The Healing Touch Ministry is awaiting our new Minister of Spiritual Care before continuing the program. 

Historian:  By honoring the past, the historian strives to promote in today’s congregation a sense of pride in their spiritual heritage.  J. Cole

Hospitality and Fellowship: 

“God of many colors, God of many signs,

you have made us different, blessing many kinds.

In the midst of changing ways, give us still the

Grace to praise.

Many gifts, one spirit, one love known in many ways.

In our difference is blessing, from

Diversity we praise.
One giver, One Lord, one spirit, one world.

Known in many ways, hallowing our days.

For the Giver, for the gifts . . . praise.”

                                                            1973 Al Carmines

Every opportunity to gather in our daily living offers us a chance to truly be our faith-filled selves. We are a safe and nurturing community, growing as individuals and as a collective.   In this environment we can see how easy it is to love our neighbor, and yet also work through the harder moments we might encounter with each other, simply because we are human. This kind of fellowship is a sanctuary; a sanctuary for us all.

Come and let us enjoy your company and share together our spirits and love. Gather with us at coffee hour on Sunday mornings, travel with a neighbor for a progressive dinner, share a cookout, a church supper, a yard clean-up, or share a hymnal.    

Join us in fellowship! You are welcome!

Liturgical Lay MinistryLiturgical Lay Ministries is made up of members of the congregation that help with Sunday services. They are Greeters who welcome parishioners as they enter church on Sundays, Readers of the  lessons, Ushers who bring forward the gifts for Communion, and take up the Offering and Chalice bearers that administer the cup during the Eucharist. We also have Eucharistic Ministers who are trained to bring Communion to those who are unable to come to Church.  Our goal for next year is to bring more people into this Ministry.  Click here to learn more.

Liturgical Planning Team:.  We welcome all people (ordained and lay, adults and youth) into the work of organizing worship in the context of liturgical seasons and feast days, by choosing prayers and music, and bringing the whole congregation into active participation.  We meet quarterly in Mid Pentecost (September) Late Pentecost (November) Lent (February) and Easter (April) to plan worship for our life together. Come join us!!!

Parish Nurses: A group of five nurses from the congregation rotate monthly to provide a Blood Pressure clinic and to meet with parishioners that have medical questions and/or issues.  In the coming year we will continue or monthly clinics and hope to also provide informational and educational sessions regarding medical issues of interest.   Please see Healing Touch above.

Stewardship:  Stewardship folks plan and implement year-round stewardship activities such as the Stewardship Fair and the annual Pledge Campaign.  Our Pledge Campaign is the way we identify how the congregation will commit their time, talent, and money.

The Vestry:  The authoritative lay body of the parish, responsible for the financial well-being and the property of the congregation.  Members are elected by the parish. Annual Auction, Bean Suppers, Holiday Fair are some of the vestry’s fundraisers.   Click here to meet our Vestry members.