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Welcome to Worship at Saint James!


Church Inside - Inside view of sanctuaryAt St. James, we respect our Christian traditions but are flexible in how we are Church together. Our style of worship is “liturgical” and traditional, following the worship form handed down from the early Christian church, although expressed in contemporary forms.  Our Choir leads us in traditional and contemporary music played on our 1890 Woodberry & Harris organ, and children join their families in worship from our Church School just before it is time for the Eucharist.

Our Worship Times:

Worship: Every Sunday at 9:30 am

Sunday services begin at 9:30 am in our Sanctuary.  Church School for children preschool-6th grade begins at 9:15 AM.  Children and Church School teachers join their families midway through the service for the Eucharist. Please see our calendar for more information and come join us!  

Our Worship Music:

We have a small, active and enthusiastic choir which enhances our worship at the 9:30 AM service weekly and on special occasions. The senior choir has seven regular members, including the director.  As well as leading the congregation in singing the hymns and canticles, special settings of the Communion service and anthems are also done as part of the worship service.

Sermons:  Click here to listen to our sermons for the past few months.


Our Children's Lives Under Construction


The main feature of our 2015-2016 Church School Program is Storytelling.  At Saint James, our Church School team is dedicated to making Bible stores come alive for your children in ways that relate to their real lives. We want your children to gain the confidence they need to be able to wonder about and deepen their faith. And as we pass on our faith from generation to generation, we remember that Jesus, the Great Teacher, taught primarily through stories.

Educators tell us that stories are a very effective way to explain powerful spiritual truths to children, especially when children are in the early years before age 13.  When we tell Bible stories that connect to their real lives, children relate to their meanings.  Our carefully chosen stories—like the story of David and Goliath—can still be powerful today if they are made relevant: All children will recognize that Goliath is a bully.

Peace Day SmallON EACH SUNDAY (other than the first Sunday of each month), children from Grades 1-9 will gather together in the Parish Hall at 9:15am. Master Storyteller Starr Anderson will tell a Bible story followed by a discussion.  Members of the congregation and our teachers will tell stories from time to time about their interests and professions (Samson and Bodybuilding; Healing and Parish Nursing; Teenagers and Babysitting). Then, in smaller groups, our teachers will focus on an activity relating to the lesson.  (Children younger than 1st grade can be brought to the upstairs classroom at 9:15am for age-appropriate lessons.)

FAMILY SUNDAYS will be held on the first Sunday of the month, so the children will be in church with their families. Children and their parents will be leading and participating in all parts of the service. We want Church School as well as worship to be an educational experience which is fun, exciting and truly engaging.
We look forward to church school with your children

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Meet Our Church School Team


Beth Gomes—1st – 5th grades

Kristin Gillett— Age 3 – K (or)1st grade I teach because I feel the children need to be supported as they come to understand what it means to be a member of our church family.  Teaching gives me a chance to get to know God, Jesus and the Bible more closely. Really--it is just so much fun.  The kids see things in such a creative way--I love hearing about their lives and how God and church fit there.

Michelle Paszko— 1st – 5th grades  I want the children to know that they can always rely on God and God wants a relationship with us and loves us no matter what and I want to share how we can do that in a good way. I love having the kids in my class.  I enjoy their expressions, laughs and candidness about stories we share.  I want them to have a fun time, build friendships and learn about God.

Star Anderson, Director of Chistian Education and Storyteller I am a native of North Carolina and come from a long tradition of story tellers. I have been a member of St James Church for more than 30 years and I am the director of the Sunday school and a member of the choir.

Katie Cochran— 6th - 9th grades

Rev. Kit Lonergan

Carol Moulton— 1st – 5th grades  I video the Bible story to put on the website. The children and parents can watch the story again without distractions.


Diane Flynn—1st – 5th grades

Lance Gomes— 6th - 9th grades

Adult Formation

Adult Formation includes book studies, Bible studies, retreats and other similar programs  We are always exploring who God is calling us to be and what God is calling us to do.  Our baptismal covenant (click here) forms the foundation for how we relate to each other and how we are ministers to the world.  We actively live out our responsibility to our local and international neighbors and to each other through our missions and programs.  Click here to see our Calendar of events.

Adult Confirmation Classes

In years past, Confirmation was perceived as a rite of passage. It was performed as one entered adolescence and it was often required before one could receive Holy Communion.

Today, Confirmation is defined as a "mature public affirmation" of faith. (Book of Common Prayer, p.412.) For those baptized as infants or young children, it serves to confirm the vows that were made at  baptism. 

Confirmation is performed by a Bishop with the laying on of hands. Those who have made a mature public affirmation of faith in other denominations may also be received into the Episcopal Church. Confirmation usually is scheduled once each year in our deanery or at the Cathedral of St. Paul in Boston.

The Adult Confirmation Class teaches the basics of the Christian faith, explores our uniquely Episcopalian outlook on our faith, and prepares those wishing to receive the sacrament of Confirmation, Reception, and Reaffirmation. Adult Confirmation classes are held once a year -- to sign up, please contact the church office at 978-373-1270.  When we have a class roster we will contact those interested for a convenient time to meet.  Adult Confirmation classes will be begin in March and meet for 6 weeks.

Baptismal Guidelines

 At St. James, parents and Godparents of infants and children meet with our priest several times before the baptism to prepare not just for the event itself but for the journey ahead as a family. You will learn about the grace and love that God gives us at baptism as well as the role of parents and Godparents. Because parents and Godparents make the promises of baptism on behalf of this beloved child, the preparation will involve examining their own faith and practices.  Together they consider how they will support this beloved child in his or her life in Christ, and learn how the resources of the church can help them in this work. 

Adults considering baptism are encouraged to meet with the priest a few times to learn more about the meaning of the rite and reflect on their spiritual journey. If a person then decides to prepare for baptism, a plan for preparation will be set out, which will include the selection of sponsors within the parish – members of the church who can serve as companions on the journey ahead and share some of their own experience as Christians. For more information about the Sacrament of Baptism please contact The Rev. Kit Lonergan. 

Wedding Customary

Congratulations on your plan to be married! We hope that the time of preparation for your wedding and marriage is joyful and as stress-free as possible. The following guidelines are provided to every couple inquiring about a wedding at St. James Episcopal Church. It is this church’s hope that these guidelines will offer couples an initial understanding of what marriage and a wedding ceremony in an Episcopal Church entails and what our own church’s particular procedures and policies are.

Wedding Guidelines - click here

 Funeral Guidelines:

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